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 Talismanic Space


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Boundaries. Consent. Intimacy.
The body as a sacred, yet savage, vessel.

As we move forward into cultural symbiosis with technology, our first steps into discovering what our boundaries were/are with these newfound tools (and with one another) have seemingly been to relinquish our control, identities and privacies from the outset. Since the inception of the internet in the early 90s and further, the development of social media, electronically bound pleasure tools, apps and smart tech as fluid extensions of ourselves, we have been able to gather pools of data illustrating the immediate social ramifications of our accelerated dependency on machines. Least of which has been the effect of progressively leaning into technologically assisted intimacy, or intimacy through the screen and how, in doing so, is perpetuating generations of humanity ill-equipped to engage with one another on deeper levels within close proxi past the aesthetically superficial while simultaneously starving for richer human interaction.

The larger question that I am posing to you, viewer, is this...what then?

At what point do we — as individuals and within the larger society — address our loss of boundary, our loss of sense, our loss of power, and our loss of self, within our bodies and with one another?

Nuit de Resistance


When asking these questions, I came to realize that all resulting actions, awakenings, movements start from a point of combustion. An inner circle where two or many points touch to create something new. And that is the genesis of the talismanic spaces In Touch and its previous incarnation, Nuit de Resistance.

In Touch is both a generative, performance-based piece and a platform to invite a broader consciousness to collaborate in the creation of an ongoing talismanic healing session through immersive experience — incorporating sensory triggers such as rhythmic touch, scent diffusion, texture, and visual stimuli co-created live, in energetic feedback, birthing an environment of subversive meditation. The act of sharing touch, and the resulting effect following the experience, is a direct reaction to the insular nature of traditional artistic presentation, which is too often confined to the apparatus of individual viewer meeting individual canvas. During this experience, I aim to express WITH the audience. In turn, co-creating a piece of living art that the viewer /participant can capture INTERNALLY and further articulate once personalized and marked with their own expression and future actions.

In Touch


As human beings, we cannot deny that our memories, experiences, and views, when altered, cannot be undone. The very act of being submerged in the present — to be asked and to address your emotions, being acutely aware of and determining the direction (of touch), is a mark on the spatial conversation itself. In traversing these realms, transposing the sense of then and now, reclamation of sense, and establishing the ritual of recognizing and addressing consent in the moment, that this work offers an opportunity for healing and a sense of wonder in the creation of talisman through shared space.

With this initiation and with the consent and direction of the participant, the two embark on a journey of mirrored, mutual awareness, connection and healing — set to the rhythmic pulse of a beating heart, using the channels of space, controlled movement, non/verbal language, consensual touch and heightened sense as tools for communication, exchange of energy and assertion/reclamation of power. Through the vehicle of touch, each person is invited to take space for reconnection with their ability to have agency over their desire for touch, accepting or denying, and to be consciously aware of what doing so makes them feel and why.

Murals and Visual Art


When designing images for mural work, illustrations for commissioned tattoos and collaborations in the realm of fine art, all vessels of creativity are philosophically tied into conceptual themes of talisman, energy and power — as interpreted through environment, relationships, memento and the unspoken.

As a strong believer in the impact and influence of environment, symbols, and transference on the psyche, I only take on projects for spaces and individuals expressing this purpose. This all sounds very serious, but the end result is often more akin to beautiful release than a weighted canon (promise).

All inquiries, as well as a diverse portfolio, exhibition list and qualification review can be sent upon request.


The format of Talismanic Spaces has been scaled and adapted for private presentation in one-to-one settings, as well as international private and large-scale public presentations in Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, New York and France.