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The Armoury



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Lapis Lazuli. Obsidian. Tourmaline.
Bone. Pearl. Silver. Brass.

Each HTL piece bears the distinct marks, wear, texture, and weight borne from time, patience, work, and fragments of conversation assembled to pen volumes of sense, energy and intention. Gathering a curation of elements from all over the world, this limited edition collection of talismans was assembled by hand in the HTL atelier in Paris, France.

Bred from years of discovery, sourcing, collaboration, hunting and gathering, each piece is composed of a selection of natural stone — paired with materials both humble and noble, old and new — then ritually purified, blessed and anointed by the quiet night and radiant light of the new and full moon.

A collar. A cradle. A brace. A second spine to sidle yours and give you strength when you feel as though you might falter.


The Atticus Spear

Inspired by spiritual journeys within the dream realm, the Atticus Spear is a collaborative effort between HTL and noble metal artisan, “The French Guy”, Benny Reinhold. A rags-to-riches rogue who established himself in Paris as the City of Light’s premier Hobo Nickel carver, a sculptural form of engraving originating from the early American 19th century, Benny’s works capture the freedom-seeking, nomadic spirit of wandering adventurers and their sense of connectedness to the world through exploration on the open road.

Together, through their mutual love of folkloric history and legend, the Atticus Spear was born.

Each spear has a soulfully unique lineage. Specially curated slabs of jasper, obsidian, and agate, hand-knapped by Indian artisans and then lovingly nested in a brut spinal cast, followed by a sauvage marking and patinated aging process, creating a truly singular form reminiscent of the future hand that will hold it. The process is such that the piece chooses the warrior, as much as the warrior chooses the piece.